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Blog: Roof Cleaning and Restoration - Moss Control - Kelso, WA

Today, I am going to give you tips and advice that I have discovered over a seven year career in the pacific northwest, as a roofing contractor servicing the Kelso, WA and Vancouver, WA areas. This advice may be less applicable in certain area’s around the country, but is vastly applicable in temperate climates and good knowledge for anyone who is going to purchase a home, sell a home, or have maintenance performed on the roof. When you let moss grow, it is decorative in gardens, and pleasant to watch hang from trees on a walk through the forest. The reality is that moss also grows on your roof, and you don't want it up there for a variety of reasons. It holds water, allows water to travel uphill, can cause your insurance company to cancel a policy, and damage the seals roof fixtures and there fasteners.

Roof vents that need cleaning and maintenance

Here is a lovely suburbia home. Your home. From this vantage point in your garden the roof looks in fair condition. Now lets zoom in to a vantage point you cannot easily reach. Hard to see moss that needs cleaning

There in the shadows, moss is lifting your nails and staples allowing water to penetrate into the home and cause damage. Invisible from the ground and in a place that is unsafe for most homeowners to inspect themselves the moss will continue to grow. This is a common problem, and affects roughly half of the homes I inspect when I go out to look at a roof. It is a simple fix for a able bodied person with a hammer and some sealent and a healthy does of safety precaution, but for grandma, or a person who is injured or possibly afraid of heights, and lacks the safety gear this is daunting or impossible task. Now I can't help you fix that. Well I can if you live in my area and need these services, but what I can do for you, and anyone reading is teach you how to avoid ever needing to pick up the hammer and ladder and climbing the roof, or picking up the phone to call someone like me. I am a firm believer in preventative maintenance, and for people when you first buy your home, moss isn't an issue. In a few steps below Ill show you how to prevent moss from growing on your roof in ways that most homeowners can perform themselves with a few basic things.

  • Things you WILL need: Roof Cleaning

  • 1) A garden hose adaptable sprayer - 10$ Attachable Spray nozzle for garden hoses
  • 2) A garden hose - Purchasable from any hardware or wal-mart type store.
  • 3) Zinc Mono-Hydrate - At home depot or lowes you can find this as “Moss Out: Roofs” it fairly inexpensive around 12$ in my area for a 4,000sqft application. Zinc Mono Hydrate
  • optional ingredients**
  • Citrus oil

We mix 1 pound of zinc for every gallon of water and add two-cups of citrus oil per 4,000sqft.

  • Things you MAY need: Roof Cleaning

  • A ladder
  • A nice day
  • A helper
Once you have added the zinc into the sprayer hopper and connected it to your water line. Begin applying the mixture to the roof. It is a good idea to start at the top, and work your way across the ridge line. Apply the treatment to the the entire roof. If you are worried, about having enough material to cover the entire roof be sure to hit ridgelines and valleys first, moving into whole roof coverage. In some case’s due to factors such as heavy atmospheric dust(live next to a factory, airport), trees near the roof, and neighboring roofs seeding your roof with moss spores even these treatments will only slow down the growth of the moss, eventually leading in the need to consult a professional. For most cases however performing this maintenance once a year will protect your roof the damage and material break down that moss can cause. Good luck and remember if you're using a ladder, always set it up on a level surface, following the safety precautions labeled on the ladder and buy a friend some pizza so he will come hold the ladder for you.