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    We are a multi-service company servicing Southwest Washington; Vancouver, Kelso, Longview and surrounding areas. Based out of Kelso, WA, we offer roof restoration solutions for all exterior surfaces of your home. Roof cleaning, maintenance, and treatment
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    We offer a variety of solutions to cleaning your roofing, siding, decking, fencing, and even concrete/stone.
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    Each service we provide involves a process which ensures the maximum preservation of the quailty of your exterior surfaces.

Blog: Roof Cleaning and Restoration - Servicing and Maintenance - Longview, WA

Longview, Washington

is one of the of the wettest regions in the state. In total we see on average of 174 days of rain per year. That makes for one of the wettest climates in all of Washington, and the nation. The higher than average rainfall here, combined with heavy amounts of atmospheric dust from the mills creates a optimal conditions for moss to flourish as it grows on your roof.

Roof Cleaning in Longview, WA

In this climate, even if moss isn't growing on your roof. Algae or lichen will be. Here on a metal roof we are cleaning off algae that has built up due to excess moisture in the area. Metal roofs are one of the hardest for a homeowner to service themselves. The algae makes the roof extremely dangerous to navigate without professional safety equipment. Cleaning and restoring a cedar roof in Kalama, WA
Cedar should be approached in the same caution. Once the cedar shingles become wet they are almost impossible to walk on. Here we use top-safety equipment to clean a cedar roof.

  • Signs that your roof needs to be cleaned in Longview, WA

  • - Moss is visible from the ground, clumps larger than a quarter.
  • - Large streaking area's

  • - Green algae is spreading

  • - Shingles are starting to lift, from roof growth.

Cleaning your roof can prolong the life of your roof. It can increase your chances of selling your home and add curb appeal! In some cases home-owners insurance rates have gone up, or been cancelled due to moss on the roof. Take care of your roof, it takes care of you.

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